Takahiro Haruyama is a forensic investigator, malware analyst, reverse engineer with over ten years of extensive experience and knowledge in intrusion detection, authentication, VPN, digital forensics and malware analysis. He has spoken or taught hands-on class at several famous conferences including Black Hat Briefings USA/Europe/Asia, SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Summit, The Computer Enterprise and Investigations Conference, Digital Forensics Research Conference Europe, FIRST Technical Colloquium, RSA Conference Japan. He has released forensic/malware analysis tools extending Volatility Framework, IDA Pro, Immunity Debugger and EnCase on his blog site.

Presentations and Papers:

“openioc_scan – IOC scanner for memory forensics” at SECURE 2015

“Fast and Generic Malware Triage Using openioc_scan Volatility Plugin” at Digital Forensics Research Conference Europe 2015

“I Know You Want Me – Unplugging PlugX” at Black Hat Asia 2014

“Malicious File for Exploiting Forensic Software” at Black Hat USA 2013

“Volatile IOCs for Fast Incident Response” at SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Summit 2013

“Forensic Investigation & Malware Analysis against Targeted Attack using Free Tools” at FIRST Technical Colloquium Kyoto 2012 and Lisbon 2013

“One-Byte Modification for Breaking Memory Forensic Analysis” at Black Hat Europe 2012

“Memory Forensics for Investigating Malware” at CTINS 2011

“Windows Memory Forensic Analysis using EnCase” at The Computer Enterprise and Investigations Conference 2011

“Memory Forensics / Merits and Do’s ” at RSA Conference JAPAN 2010

“Dial-to-Connect VPN System for Remote DLNA Communication” at IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, 2008

“Intrusion Detection by Monitoring System Calls with POSIX Capabilities” in IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Communications Vol.E90-B, 2007